High Quality Tiles

Tiles offered at Squarefoot Flooring are of high quality and durability. Our tiles are ideal for residential and commercial floor and wall application. Tiles offered are available in porcelain, ceramic, stone such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartz, glass. We at Squarefoot Flooring offer tiles from Anatolia Tile, Ciot, Olympia Tile, Centura Tile, Daltile, Sarana Tile, Trusa, Faber Tile and Stone and more.

Prima Porcelain Tile

Prima Porcelain Tile


Simple yet timeless porcelain, providing the perfect easel allowing interior designers to flourish. Prima is inspired by the spectrum of Black & White, from the most pristine white sand beach to the blacks of the deepest ocean. The timelessness and purity of the Prima Collection offers an array of possibilities for any interior; classic or contemporary Double loaded porcelain technology in a true technical porcelain creates a product that has the look and the durability to stand up in the most high traffic commercial areas.


24″ x 24″ Prima Porcelain Tile

True White Polished 69-885

True White Matte 69-325

Warm White Polished 69-886

Warm White Matte 69-326

Ivory Polished 69-887

Ivory Matte 69-327

Smoke  Polished 69-888

Smoke Matte 69-328

Mica Polished 69-889

Mica Matte 69-329

Clay Polished 69-890

Clay Matte 69-330

Charcoal Polished 69-891

Charcoal Matte 69-331

12″ x 24″ Prima Porcelain Tile

True White Polished 69-871

Warm White Polished 69-873

Ivory Polished 69-875

Smoke Polished 69-877

Mica Polished 69-879

Clay Polished 69-881

Charcoal Polished 69-883

12″ x 12″ Prima Porcelain Tile

True White Matte 63-533

Warm White Matte 63-534

Charcoal Matte 63-535

2″ x 2″ Prima Mosaics

True White Matte 69-270

Warm White Matte 69-271

Ivory Matte 69-272

Smoke Matte 69-273

Mica Matte 69-274

Clay Matte 69-275

Charcoal Matte 69-276

3″ x 24″ Prima Bullnose

True White Polished 69-872

Warm White Polished 69-874

Ivory Polished 69-876

Smoke Polished 69-878

Mica Polished 69-880

Clay Polished 69-882

Charcoal Polished 69-884


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